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Whether we are happy or sad, whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are rich or poor, depends on whether we use or misuse our mind - Dr. Pon

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Train Your Brain

Our brain is divided into two sides, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere and each hemisphere handles certain specific functions. Read More

Power Speech

The person who speaks powerfully is the one who gets ahead. This workshop helps people become powerful speakers. Read More

Mind Your Body

Happy people are healthy people; Healthy people are happy people. This workshop helps people enjoy a healthy body and happy mind. Read More

Master Your Mind

Do you know what is common among Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, some of the world’s most famous people? Read More

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What Clients Say

Well-structured programme on which a lot of time, efforts and research has gone in so as to provide the maximum benefits to participants
Mr. Ram Venkat, Financial Controller, GIBCA
It has benefitted me a lot in all areas, especially confidence, concentration and memory power
Ms. Forum Jayant Dutia, Student, Sharjah Indian School
A good learning experience. It will certainly be put to good use in my working and social life
Mr. Tan Hua Hee, Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace
It is an eye-opener to many new areas
Dr. V. Indira, Gynaecologist, MOH Hospital