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  • 1. ‘Lost’ Memory can be recovered.
  • 2. Eat more soy to lose more weight.
  • 3. Female doctors outperform male doctors.
  • 4. Dawn to dusk is for work; Dusk to dawn is for rest.
  • 5. Why women recover faster than males after a stroke?
  • 6. Marriage and Health.
  • 7. 4 chemicals 2 boost brain power.

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‘Lost’ Memory can be Recovered.

Dr Li-Huei Tsai, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that it is possible to improve one’s memory even if affected by neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

“We do not lose our memory. It only becomes inaccessible by neural degeneration. ‘Lost’ memory can be recovered by exposing the person to an enriched environment,” says Dr. Tsai.

Dr. Tsai and her team mates conducted their research on mice that had already lost large number of neurons. These mice were kept in an enriched environment of exercise treadmill and colorful toys. After a couple of weeks, Dr. Tsai found that these mice showed a marked recovery of memory when compared to mice that were kept in ordinary cages.

Dr. Tsai found no evidence of formation of new neurons in the mice that were kept in an enriched environment, but found anatomical and biochemical evidence for growth of new connections among neurons.

Eat more soy to lose more weight

Its is a well known fact that communities such as the Chinese, the Japanese and the Thais that consume large amounts of soy, never become obese. What’s the secret in soy that helps you stay slim?

It has always been thought that peptides found in soy act similar to leptin, a hormone produced in our body. Leptin communicates with the receptors in our brain and tell us to stop eating. So it was believed that soy’s secret was in reducing food intake. But then why people who eat less don’t lose weight?

Prof. Elvira de Meija, a food scientist and nutritionist at the University of Illinios has now found that soy helps lose weight not only by reducing food intake but by boosting the metabolism as well.

Prof. Elvira found that the protein hydrolysates found in soy help break down lipids and reduce weight by altering the metabolism. She believes that soy contains anorectic peptides that boosts metabolism as well as signal satiety.

The study also answers the question why eating less does not guarantee losing weight. It’s metabolism that maintains the weight.

Female Doctors outperform male Doctors

It is a well established fact that females make better doctors than males in certain specialties of the medical field such as Paediatrics, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Geriatrics, etc.

Now new research by Dr. Neil Dewhurst from the University College of London found that female doctors are 1.69 times more likely to outperform than their male colleagues.

Female doctors are able to establish rapport with the patients more quickly than the male doctors. This edge helps them communicate better with the patients while examining them during clinical tests.

The ability to establish rapport with the patient helps a lot in the diagnosis as doctors can allot only a certain amount of time for each patient. Assigning less number of patients to male doctors could be one way to neutralize the disadvantage. The other solution is to train the male doctors in rapport-building skills.

Dawn to Dusk is for work;
Dusk to Dawn is for rest.

Most of us would have experienced a constant decline in our performance as daylight diminishes and darkness descends. The time of the day has an impact on the speed of cognitive processing.

Researcher Dr. Daniel Bratzke kept his subjects awake for a 24 hour period and performed various tasks involving cognitive processing every two hours. He found that there was a constant decline in their performance late in the evening which hit the bottom in the wee hours.

Sleep deprivation is not the only factor that affects our performance in the night. Dr.Bratzke found that after dusk, it takes a longer time to recognize visual stimuli, affecting the reaction time. He also found that after dusk, our central processor slows down affecting our decision-making. This explains the documented fact that most accidents happen in the wee hours.

Dr. Bratzke deserves credit for scientifically proving the traditional wisdom ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’

Why women recover faster than males after a stroke?

It is a known scientific fact that when an activity is performed by the right hand; more neurons are fired in the left hemisphere of the brain and vice versa.

New research conducted by Dr. Lauren Sergio and Dr. Diana Gorbet of York University found this phenomenon only in males, whereas in females neurons are fired in both sides of the brain.

This solves the puzzle why women recover faster than males after a stroke. If a woman has a stroke in one hemisphere of the brain, the other hemisphere can take over the function in a very short time so that she can return to normal life faster, whereas in males it takes a lot of time and lot more efforts to train the other hemisphere to take over that function.

Marriage and Health

Married adults are healthier than never married adults, divorced and widowed”, suggests a study conducted by Centre for Disease Control which interviewed 127,545 adults.

The study found that married adults are less likely to smoke, drink and be lazy. But they are generally overweight and obese.

Adults who live in cohabiting relationships closely resemble divorced and separated adults, when it comes to health problems.

Another study involving 67,000 adults established that a surviving marriage is strongly associated with a longer life.

The study found that when compared to people living with their spouse, those who had been separated or divorced were 27% more likely to die. Those who had been widowed were 40% more likely to die and those who were never married were 58% more likely to die. The penalty was greater among men than among women.

The findings might motivate the singles to get married and those with a troubled marriage to go to the counselors instead of to the courts.

4 chemicals 2 boost brain power.

Everyone knows how to build the body but very few know how to build the brain. One must ensure adequate intake of four neuro chemicals that are the building blocks of the brain.

1. Acetyl choline tops the list of the brain chemicals .It is responsible for memory and information processing speed. Beef liver, wheat germ, eggs, blue berries are some of the choline-rich foods.

2. Dopamine is responsible for the functioning of the central nervous system. Disorders such as Attention Deficit Syndrome, Parkinson’s disease etc are associated with dopamine deficiency. Legumes, fish, seafood, eggs are some of the richest dietary sources of dopamine.

3. GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is a chemical that controls brain rhythms (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta states), maintains the bioclock and regulates the sleep-awake cycle. Brown rice, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli are the dietary sources of GABA.

4. Seratonin regulates the human growth hormone, mood changes (Elation, Depression etc) puberty, fertility, libido etc. Milk, Banana, Flax seed, Turkey are rich in serotonin.