Left Ds, Right Ds & Double Ds

Our brain is divided into two sides, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere and each hemisphere handles certain specific functions. People who prefer to use the left side of the brain are known as ; Left Dominants (Left D). People who prefer to use the right side of the brain are known as Right Dominants (Right D). People who prefer to use both sides of the brain are known as Double Dominants (Double D). Research shows that Double Dominants are happier and more successful in their personal and professional life, when compared to Left Dominants and Right Dominants. Discovering whether you are a Left Dominant or a Right Dominant, activating the dormant hemisphere of the brain and becoming a Double Dominant, helps you in joining the elite group of 20 percent people who enjoy 80 percent of the world’s resources.

Sharks, Carps & Dolphins

Human beings are social animals. They constantly interact with one another – to share ideas, to express feelings, to ask for help and to reject a request. In these situations, we use three different styles. They are the aggressive style (Shark), the passive style (Carp) and the assertive style (Dolphin). All of us use all the three styles at different occasions. But most of us, most of the time use a particular style. In most of the situations, the assertive style is the most effective. But unfortunately, most of us do not use this style more often As a result, our communication is not effective and our relationship is not cordial. Discovering whether you are a Shark or a Carp, learning the Dolphin strategy and becoming a Dolphin helps you to enjoy the rewards – success through effective communication and happiness through cordial relationships.

Visuals, Audis and Kinos

Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP) classifies people into three groups – Visuals, Audis and Kinos. Visuals ; comprehend and respond better by seeing. Audis comprehend and respond better by hearing and Kinos comprehend and respond better by feeling. Discovering whether you are a Visual, Audi or Kino helps you in understanding why you are good at certain tasks and not good at others; Why you like certain things and dislike others; Why you are comfortable with certain people and not at ease with others. Discovering whether someone is a Visual, Audi or Kino helps in understanding others better, building rapport with people who are important to our happiness and success and living in harmony with people who are different from us.

Whole Brain Concept

  • Brain Preference Indicator Test
  • Left Brain Activation
  • Right Brain Activation
  • Cross Connections Exercises
  • VAK Centres Activation

Memory Improvement

  • Memory Diet
  • Memory Thieves
  • Brain Breathing
  • Concept Mapping Technique
  • Alpha Sort Technique
  • Sequential Access Technique
  • Random Access Technique
  • Number Mastery Technique

Effective Communication

  • Voice Culture Exercises
  • Brain-friendly Language
  • The language of Visuals, Audis and Kinos
  • 7 Secrets of overcoming stage fear
  • Public Speaking Practice – Recording and Evaluation

Rewarding Relationships

  • Rapport Builders
  • Behavioural Traits of Visuals, Audis and Kinos
  • Tactful Disciplining

Time Management

  • Identifying Time Wasters
  • Time Cost Accounting
  • Procrastination Evaluation
  • Procrastination Busters
  • Laziness Busters

Emotional Maturity

  • Emotional Maturity Evaluation
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Assertive Attitude
  • Inferiority Vaccination

Creative Problem Solving

  • Stress Busters
  • Imploration Thinking
  • Exploration Thinking
  • Reverse Thinking
  • Multiple Thinking

Goal Setting

  • Possibility Thinking
  • Secrets of Goal Getters
  • Alpha Mind Programming
  • You will become more confident in personal and professional life.
  • You will become more assertive in demanding your rights and privileges.
  • You will be able to express your feelings and ideas more effectively.
  • You will be able to address an audience of any size confidently.
  • You will enjoy rewarding relationships with colleagues and family members.
  • You will become emotionally more matured.
  • You will think better and perform better in any given task.
  • You will have the ability to solve problems for yourself and others.
  • You will utilise your time well and become more productive.
  • You will be able to remember names, numbers and any other information.
  • You will move up your career path easier and faster.

Interactive presentations, Self evaluations, Group exercises, Role plays, Games, Case studies, Experience sharing by Faculty and Participants.

Who must attend

  • People aiming to overcome their real & imaginary limitations and perform at peak levels.
  • People interested in learning the most effective communication tools available.
  • People who wish to learn the psychology of building rapport and improving relationships.
  • People wishing to improve their emotional intelligence and attain emotional maturity.
  • People searching for the best solutions to solve their real and imaginary problems.
  • People who want to learn the proven methods of realising their goals and ambitions.
  • People wanting to achieve more in less time by making the best use of their time.

“Well-structured programme on which a lot of time, efforts and research has gone in so as to provide the maximum benefits to participants.” Mr. Ram Venkat, Financial Controller, GIBCA

“Since the programme was more hands-on approach, it gave each participant an idea for real life implementation.” Mr. Rajesh Nair, Treasury Officer, HSBC Bank

“It is an eye-opener to many new areas” Dr. V. Indira, Gynaecologist, MOH Hospital

“A good learning experience. It will certainly be put to good use in my working and social life” Mr. Tan Hua Hee, Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

“Very well conducted. Informative. It has helped me a lot” Mr. Lourenco Fonseca, HR Manager, Seabulk Offshore

“I feel the investment of time and money in this programme was one of the wise decisions I had ever taken” Mr. Mohamed Sultan, PSDN Engineer, Etisalat

“I have come to know my hidden skills. The experience I gained in this workshop will last forever” Ms. K.Thasleem, Application Engineer, Danway

“It awakens all the senses. Memory exercises are very helpful” Mr. B. Vinod, Sales Manager, Fujitsu Services

“It has benefitted me a lot in all areas, especially confidence, concentration and memory power” Ms. Forum Jayant Dutia, Student, Sharjah Indian School

“An enlightening and encouraging experience. Your dynamic but restrained manner is very appealing” Ms. Zahara Charles, Lecturer, University of Sharjah